I listen to a lot of smart, successful, thoughtful and inspiring people.  I aspire to be a smart, successful, thoughtful and inspiring person.  Thoughts on how to achieve such status. Begin at the beginning and keep the main thing the main thing.   (I think I stole that from Covey and Martha Beck) Lately, I find […]

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We have established that I am a complete chicken.  Everything scares me.  Not much stops me.  However, when the fear becomes too big (or I perceive it as too big) I use excessive substances and behaviors to take the edge off.   The past few months have been a crazy adventure full of excitement, newness, fun, […]

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love 2

WRITTEN: 01/2017. PUBLISHED: 5/22/2018. I have decided to love with abandon. Come what may. I have previously withheld. Out of tradition.  Out of convention.  Out of fear. Out of the need to control. Out of the need for power.  Fuck that. I refuse to have my love dictated by another.  Dictated by externals.  My love […]

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When I was about 3 years old, my family was on vacation at a friend’s beach house.  I wanted to goto the water, and my older sister Marilee convinced me to get on the back of her bike so we could get there quicker.  I distinctly remember NOT wanting to ride with Marilee, as I […]

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Won’t you be my Radical Neighbor?

Mormon’s have a great pioneer heritage.  Extermination orders, tarring and feathering, rape and destruction will do that to a people.  Many do not realize that Joseph Smith and the LDS religion originated in upstate New York.  Only after being chased across the nation, did Brigham Young and the main body of “saints” end up in […]

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I was touched.  And made to touch.  And I didn’t want to.  I remember hiding.  I remember flashes.  I remember the words, “you make me do this.”  I do.  My younger sister and I wet the bed or wet our pants far beyond what is normal.  I had to have surgery in 1st or 2nd […]

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All I got is a rock.

While trick or treating on Halloween, Charlie Brown observes his friends receiving candies and treats galore, and upon checking his own bag, repeatedly finds, “another rock”. Yesterday, while attending an Earth Day Yoga/Journey session, participants were instructed to bring “something from nature.”  I found myself on my mat with 4 rocks, a shell, and a […]

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