Do-over. (with benefits)

Who doesn’t love a new book?  Fresh pages, new plot, rich and developed characters that make you fall in love or want to scream in frustration and anger. Many very wise people find New Year’s Day to be a purely arbitrary day.  Nothing special and certainly no reason to rethink or revamp current situations.  I’m […]

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While teaching/reading, “Anne Frank, Diary of a Young Girl, THE Definitive Edition”  (which really is the most comprehensive edition), I had a student who was not familiar with much of the context surrounding Anne’s diary. We have spent a few days reviewing WWII, the isolation and ghettoization of the Jews, the choices made by various […]

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A month of Christmas

The next 30 days are going to be my Christmas gift to me. 30 days AF (alcohol-free) 30 days WFBP  (whole-food that is plant based) 30 days of yoga 30 days of 10K steps DAILY 30 days of gratitude 30 days of schvitzing in the sauna 30 days of 8 hours sleep 30 days of […]

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Fool me once…

I wrote this for me, but I also wrote for all women who are mistreated and abused and made to feel they are to blame. We hide and cower and are told to “keep our shit quiet”. I’m not. I’m just not doing it anymore. I’mma singing and dancing and writing and shining a light […]

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Lessons, not failures.

At the risk of being repetitive, a LOT changed for me when my mother died.  I changed eating-style, lifestyle, relationship-style, and even hairstyle.  (I doubt the hair thing is connected, I’ve always done that). When mom died, I realized that I had been in a holding pattern of dating and relationships.  I dated nice enough […]

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You make me do this

Friday night, or 3:30am Saturday morning, I was, once again, tossed aside, asked to leave, judged and found lacking, rejected. My gut reaction is shame.  I think, “If I were more fun, skinnier, younger,  had longer and blonder hair, less serious, more light-hearted, not so fucking smart and analytical, he would love me.  He would […]

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Work and Struggle

Relationships should be work, not struggle. I have been divorced over 10 years, and for the first 8 of those years, I dated men who were good companions, but not forever partners.  I held a lot of guilt and shame for my divorce, and just didn’t think I deserved another shot at my 50+ years. […]

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