I just finished reading a book, “North of Beautiful” by Justina Chen.  Chen tackles our concepts of physical beauty vs. TRUE or authentic beauty. Who are the people and what are the “things” we love most in the world?  The people I love most?  Easy.  My children and my family.  (Family includes those who may […]

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Occam’s Razor and Good Ole Boys

Ahmaud Arbery was executed. In discussing this inexcusable and heinous act with someone from the opposite side of the political fence, he brought up Occam’s Razor.   He said, “This just doesn’t make sense.  If the two white men really executed this innocent black man, they would be brought to justice.  There must be something the […]

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Listening to some Gary Zukav.  He’s an interesting fellow, and from what I can gather, he has experienced skillful growth and learned some, in my opinion, valuable lessons over the course of his life.  Don’t be an ass. It is helpful to determine if desires, goals and passions coming from a place of love or […]



Today, as I walked through my neighborhood, I was scared and angry. I was confronted with bloody condoms, drug dealers and users, trash, aggressive stray dogs, aggressive men, aggressive drivers, thumping bass, flooded and smelly culverts.  As hyper-vigilance consumed me while walking past two men in my path, I was just pissed.  I was pissed […]

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Three strikes

Fool me once, wait, been there, done THAT. Oops, I did it agai…oh snap, that too! How about three strikes, you’re out.  That’s a new one.   I have been promised things.  Important things.  Promises of love, creating a life together, mutual integrity, and respect. And these promises have been broken.  Not only broken, but […]

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Fool me once…

I wrote this for me, but I also wrote for all women who are mistreated and abused and made to feel they are to blame. We hide and cower and are told to “keep our shit quiet”. I’m not. I’m just not doing it anymore. I’mma singing and dancing and writing and shining a light […]

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Secrets, Shame, and SHINE

We are only as sick as our secrets. I share a lot.  I realize my way of processing and moving through difficult situations and experiences is not everyone’s cuppa.  That is so cool.  Don’t read my stuff, unfollow, block.  My journey is my own, just as yours is yours. Over the past year, there has […]

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