Ora and Labora

There are fruitless conversations.  Conversations with people who think Melania is smart because she speaks multiple languages and in the same breath, negates the intelligence of  Elizabeth Warren, claiming, “people think EW is smart because she taught at Harvard Law.  (Well, it’s a pretty good start) Conversations where indefensible behavior, such as separating immigrant children […]

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Rip Van Winkle my ass.

Sometimes, I am so fucking exhausted.  Just want to lie down, pull the covers over my head, and sleep Rip Van Winkle style, exhausted. I have been doing some work on becoming “wise” (did you know there’s a course for that??) Part of the work towards self-actualization and wisdom includes knowing where and who I […]

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Anger, Love, Fear. Mostly Fear.

I have written about anger.  TWICE! I have written about love.  More than that!! How about a little fear.  Oh snap, I did fear already, too!  Apparently, I’m a slow learner. I got pissed last night, and that has stayed with me through today.  I do not like being pissed, no matter how “righteous” my […]

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Low Hanging Fruit

I have some new readers, and this has made me a bit reluctant to write.  I cannot write bullshit, but when I feel as though my thoughts, words, choices and actions are being scrutinized in a negative manner, I have a difficult time writing my soul. Enough of that. This holiday season has been full […]

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2019: A year in Review

In 2019, I learned: I need to be loving, teaching, and serving a population that would otherwise be unable to obtain someone with my particular education and skill set. Alcohol does not serve me, nor does it help me reach any long term goals. Excessive processed food and animal products do not serve me, nor […]

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Ask me questions

From the time my children were little, we would play a family game, which we called, “Ask me questions.”  The kids’ father would always ask factual trivia questions with a definite and factual answer, while I would lean more towards the hypothetical and life choice questions.   This is an amazing way to get to know […]

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