Big Laura.

So…when I was in high school, I was a member of our dance and drill team.  The State Champion Clackamas Cavalettes.  (You have to live in Oregon to know how big this was…seriously!  We were kind of like cheerleaders here in Texas)

I started taking  ballet lessons at a community center in Portland when I was in first grade.  I remember having to tie a ribbon around my ankle so I could remember which foot was my right, and which was my left.  I was always put in the back row, and my movements never quite matched those of the other dancers.

I took 4 years of Jazz dance classes, and again…I was always a little chubbier and a little clumsier than the other girls…but I was stubborn, and just kept dancing.

When I auditioned for the squad as a freshman, I was told I made the team because of my GPA.  (I boosted the AVERAGE team GPA).  I was not coordinated, I was not flexible, I was NOT a gifted dancer, but for whatever reason, I wanted to dance, so dance I did.  I spent FOUR years attending hours of practices, two-a-day’s during the summer, summer camps, and my first TWO years sitting on the bench during performances…as an alternate.  I had constant pain in my sciatic nerves from attempting to do the splits, but never quite making it.  I stretched morning, noon, and night…literally…and was never able to attain a full or comfortable split.

I share all of this to get to the name of this site.  Big Laura.  During my years as a Cavalette, there were THREE Laura’s.  When I was a freshman, there was a TINY (under 5 feet tall…and maybe 90 lbs) senior, also Laura.  Well…she was little Laura, and I was BIG Laura.  (God forbid they use our LAST initials!!)  When little Laura graduated, I thought I might become JUST Laura.  But nope, a freshman Laura joined the team…and, you guessed it, she became Little Laura, and I remained BIG Laura until graduation.

I am now 45-years old.  This site name honors the way I choose to live NOW.  BIG.

Love and Light,

Big Laura




2 thoughts on “Big Laura.

  1. Let me be the first to apologize for the nickname Big Laura. I don’t remember that being your nickname (to me you’ll always be my little sister) but I’m horrified at the pain that must have caused and any part I played in it.
    On the bench or on the floor, you were always an important part of the team.


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