I am not your Jedi Master.

I am not your Jedi Master.  Nor do I want to be.  Although, I do make a pretty awesome Yoda.  (look REALLY closely at the picture!)

You are going to get a LOT of information here.  Don’t trust any of it.  Do NOT believe me.  Because, guess what?  I am NOT YOU.  YOU DO YOU.  In my journey and life, I spend a lot of time reading, listening to podcasts, and experimenting on my own bad self.  If something works…it gets to stay.  If not, out it goes.  I typically will try nutritional experiments for 3-6 weeks in order to really gather some data and biofeedback.  But other experiments are much quicker.  Podcasts?  If something is annoying or worthless after 5 minutes, I delete and move on.  Books?  One or two chapters will let me know if it’s going to be valuable or a waste.  TV?  Don’t bother.  That’s a WHOLE nother can o worms.

NOW…what about people?  Who can we trust?  In my experience…I trust the following:

  1.  The Universe, or God, or Goddess, or whatever is bigger than me.  This was not an easy task.  I had a great fear that if I gave my life over to a higher power, what HE would want for me would be confining and small.  Turns out, the Universe has bigger plans for me than my puny mind could ever conceive of.  AND…the Universe totally has my back.  Bet it has yours too.  Say it with me…”The Universe has my back and is conspiring FOR ME!”  Put it on a post it.  Staple it to your forehead.  TRUST.
  2. ME.  This was also a rough journey.  I wanted external guidance and validation, trusting my own body, mind, and spirit was scary as hell.  Who am I?  What the heck do I know?  Again, as with the Universe, I know myself better than anyone else, and that unique knowledge equips me to be my own champion.  (or my own worst enemy.)
  3. Finally, I believe there are THREE types of people in the world.

A:  People who hate everything.  You can bring them birthday cake on a unicorn with rainbows paving the way, and they’ll see the rain behind the rainbows, the unicorn poop, and complain that the cake isn’t gluten-free.  DO NOT TRUST THEM.  THEY SUCK.

B:  People who LOVE everything.  You can kick their dog, ding their car, and pee in their pool, and they’ll thank you for everything, insisting that you have done them a huge favor.  They are NOT honest, they are afraid of telling the truth, and you CANNOT TRUST THEM.  (they’re super nice, but not trustworthy.)

C:  People who genuinely love and care for you, but will tell you how the cow chewed the cabbage.  They support you.  They think you’re amazing.  AND they let you know how they REALLY feel, even if it’s a difficult conversation.  These are the ONLY people who you should listen too.  These are the only people whose opinions matter.  AND, even after all of that, please see the number one and two people you should trust.  The Universe and YOU override everyone and everything else.

Now…here is an assignment.  Get a one inch post it note.  And a sharpie.  Write the names of the individuals who fall into category C.  If you can’t fit it into that space, you are listening to TOO MANY EXTERNAL VOICES.  Let that sh*t go.  20161117_075801.jpg

These are my people.  They love me.  They have my best interests at heart.  They are intelligent, wise, kind, and thoughtful.  We do NOT always agree.  They challenge me.  They let me know when they think I’m screwing up.  Oh, and if I didn’t make it clear, they love me.

Hank is my dad.  Jake is my ex-husband and smartest man I know.  We remain great friends.  Dane is my son.  Cai is my daughter.  Pretty small list.  Too many cooks spoil the broth, and too many opinions spoil your life.  AND, the four people on my list are people I TRUST, not people I obey or defer to.  I listen, consider, and go back to the Universe and ME when making final decisions.

So, who do you trust?  Trust them, and let everyone else’s chatter fade into the background.

Love and Light,

Big Laura


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