That Which Gets Measured, Gets Managed




Ok, first off, ya’ll are a bunch of pervs!  My SEX post stats and views blew all other posts out of the water.  I’m sure there’s a lesson there, just not sure what it is.

Tim Ferriss (all around bad ass…remember?) often quotes Peter Drucker‘s management principle, “That which gets measured, gets managed.”  This concept is typically applied to a business profitability model, but what if we applied it to biohacking?  Not gonna hurt, might even help.

So, what do we want to measure, and subsequently manage?

Health.  WOW…tall order. We all have different opinions and definitions of health and wellness.  But, my blog, my definitions, my measurable metrics.  You want to measure something else, feel free.  YOU DO YOU.  I’m gonna do me.

For the next six weeks, I’m going TOTALLY BULLETPROOF.

  • I have purchased the Bulletproof coffee and Brain Octane Oil
  • I went to Homegoods last night and purchased a french press ($7) and an empty pepper grinder (also$7) for grinding the beans and brewing the coffee
  • I have purchased the recommended supplements, with the exception of the Bulletproof glutathione, as it is cost prohibitive.  I did purchase THIS glutathione supplement, AND…I will be getting intravenous (IV) vitamins, (the Meyers’ cocktail) with a glutathione booster two or three times during my six week protocol.  I get these from my FMD, Dr. Felipe Garcia at the Integrative Medical Center in Fort Worth.  I ADORE Doc and his staff.  His phlebotomist/needle girl, Brandy, is the sh*t, and the IV is easy peasy mac n cheesy.  The center offers an IV membership, and it is an approved FSA expense.

Side note, I do not receive ANY kickbacks or payoffs from any of the sources I mention or link to.  Maybe someday!  But for now, I’m just sharing the love.  You will notice that the supplements Dave Asprey recommends are pretty reasonable, very high quality, and primarily available through Amazon.  You can believe what you want, and don’t trust me, but Dave says he has no vested interest in any of these supplement companies.

  • I have my Kerry Gold butter, my dark leafy greens, my grass fed beef and wild caught salmon.
  • I have my gym membership, and am going to do the BIG FIVE every 14 days.  I will also do ONE, 20-minute HIIT cardio training on the weeks I’m NOT doing the Big Five.  I will walk and do yoga, as this is considered “movement” not exercise.  These are semantics, and again, the definitions for both movement and exercise are very specific.  I’m not going address that now, perhaps at a later date.

I’m READY, prepped, on fire.  I have my KNOWLEDGE, now time for some action.  And then I’m going to measure and manage any changes.  Both positive and negative.


Weight:  Using a scale.  lol.  This morning, I weighed in at an awesome and amazing 134.6 pounds.

BODY FAT PERCENTAGE.  My friend Shawna Gibson owns Brick Fit here in Fort Worth, and she did a body fat pinch test using calipers.  Calipers are NOT the gold standard, DEXA is.  Followed by Hydrostatic measuring, THEN calipers.  So why am I going with calipers?  I do NOT CARE what my body fat percentage is.  I just want data to measure CHANGE.  Shawna is very skilled, and VERY consistent.  So, she pinched me yesterday, and I measured 15% body fat according to her measurements and calculation.  I will get pinched again in six weeks, at the same time of day, wearing the same clothes.  HA.  Yoga pants are my uniform.

BODY MEASUREMENTS:  I take these with my handy dandy Container Store tape measure.  Waist:  28 inches.  Hips:  35.5 inches.  Thigh:  18.5 inches.

SLEEP QUALITY AND QUANTITY:  I have downloaded and spent a few weeks figuring out my sleep app, and am ready to gather some hard data.   Measure and manage.  More on the importance of quality and quantity of sleep later.  SIDE note, I LOVE having my phone in airplane mode while I’m sleeping.  1.  It eliminates EMF fields, and the jury is still out on those and their effect on health and wellness, so why risk it?  AND 2.  I do not have the “flight or fight” reaction in my sympathetic nervous system every time an alert  goes off.

MOOD:  This is tough, and can be totally subjective.  I am going to complete this brief survey twice a day.  9am and 9pm.  It’s quick and painless, and will give me a general overview of mood during this six week period.

ENERGY:  Again, somewhat subjective.  Going to use this chart for some very rudimental measurements.

BLOODWORK.  I had a comprehensive blood panel done in August, and will have the same workup done in January as part of my yearly physical.  Ruth (mom) used to make us have our yearly physicals on our birthdays each year, I suppose with six of us, it made it easier to track, and old habits die hard.  HA!  Every year around January 18, I head into the Dr. for a comprehensive work up.  This will be my first year to go through the drills with the Doc, and I’m interested to experience the difference from my traditional MD (who was awesome, BUT…traditional) and my Functional MD…who is also AWESOME, but not as traditional.

OH, and the above are simply NUMBERS.  They are for data gathering purposes ONLY.  They do not define me nor do they determine my worth or influence upon the universe.

In a recent conversation with a friend, we spoke of staying in the present moment, while still remaining grounded in the past, and hopeful for growth in the future.  He said that in his experience, much pain (not JOY!)  comes from expectations.  I enter this six week period with really NO expectations.  I am genuinely curious as to how my mind, body, and spirit will react to a physical program that is completely different and counterintuitive to EVERYTHING I’ve done in the past.

I am an N test group of ONE for my own biohacking experiment.  What about YOU? Are you willing to try something new?  A small experiment on your own bad self?  DO IT.  Measure, manage, and find some JOY in the process.

Love and Light,

Big Laura

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