This. The absolute loves of my life.  Grand Teton National Forest 2016.


Today is the day.  This will be short, as, once again, my words are inadequate.


Jake and I used to ask each other how we got so lucky/blessed with our children.  Seriously astonished that these two amazing individuals could be ours.

We have asked ourselves the same thing about Filipe and Tiffany.  These two bring such joy, happiness, peace, kindness,  intellect, thoughtfulness, humor and love to their individual relationships with our children, and to our family as well.  The word blessed doesn’t even begin to cover it.


The adage, a picture is worth a thousand words seems apt here.  The joy on their faces says it all.  These people bring it.  They bring the whole dayum JOY enchilada.

I may or may not be sitting at my father’s computer tearing up.  Ok, weeping.  Ok, maybe even ugly crying.  Tears of gratitude and JOY.  These four are my heart.

Light and Love,

Big Laura

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