Spend your nickel for a lily

On plane.  Short post from phone.

A very wise and dearly loved man used to tell a young and broke married couple, “if all you have in the world is one thin dime, spend a nickel on a lily.”  

Meaning?  Spend a little money on beauty.  Spend a little on experiences. Spend a little on each other.  

In my recent paradigm shift, I have decided I want to have experiences, not things.  So I sold a very expensive (to me) long arm quilt machine.  I have been using those funds to experience life and people a bit more. 

I share all of this from a first class seat on my flight back to DFW.  After the inbound flight on Thursday with a seat mate who knew no airline boundaries or etiquitte, when the opportunity arose to upgrade for my return flight, I spent my nickel for a lily.  Happily so.  

Four am first class smiles.

I am finally giving my body the best life has to offer, we shall consider this expenditure an extension of this endeavor. 

 Light and Love, 

Big Laura 

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