Getting, Getting Got, and Christmas Programs.

JOY.  It’s kind of my thing.

For me, true joy comes from understanding and being understood. I am constantly bombarded by those who are desperate to be seen, known, understood. And I try. I try to put myself into their shoes, and understand or see their point of view. I try to empathize, even if I don’t agree. Not often easy, and I often fail. Fail mightily. AND…it is so refreshing when I find someone in life who seeks to understand and know me as well. It is rare and beautiful to get and get gotten.

I have taught at two, public, Title I schools.  Nutshell, we’re broke.  Usually we’re not white.  (one school was 80 percent Hispanic, the other about the same percentage African-American)

There is a whole lotta judgement floating around out there.  A lotta shit about the achievement gap, color, welfare, work ethic, laziness, entitlement and such.  I’m so glad my job is to love.  God can sort out the rest.

What I KNOW.  These babies want to be seen.  They want to be known.  And what lights me up?  Today?  Today is our Holiday Program.  In the morning.  Not a convenient or easy time for working parents who rely on their paychecks to EAT.  Our school requires an ID, computer check in, and printed sticky badge in order to be on campus.  For special events, we offer early on-line check-in as to shorten lines and waiting during the check in process.

As of dismissal yesterday, we had nearly 300, THREE HUNDRED, parents and loved ones check in.  These people are making huge sacrifices in order to witness, see, support, and LOVE their children.

These people are black and poor.  So before you start pointing fingers about all of the problems in this nation, just shut the fuck up and walk a mile.  DEAL.

Why does this matter?  Will it make you a size 2?  Maybe, maybe not.  I can only offer this.  During my darkest eating and drinking times, I couldn’t see anything or anyone but my own suffering and pain.  And that hurt so much, I used food, booze, and excessive behaviors to numb.  Giving up that shit has allowed me to see and get me, and MORE importantly, begin to see and get others.

So, this holiday season, and perhaps beyond, LOOK.  SEE.  UNDERSTAND.  LOVE.  Get someone.  When I’m doing that, it’s much less tempting to bathe my body and soul in cream sauce.

Light and Love,

Big Laura

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