Merry Christmas. WATCH! 5 minutes. Seriously. Just. Do. It.

This is my favorite depiction of the birth of Christ of all time.

  • 5 minutes
  • Not a word of English is spoken.
  •  It’s raw.
  • The concern, love, and desire to provide and protect Mary are so apparent in Joseph.
  • Mary looks tired.  Just whipped. And so young.  And a little afraid.  And she probably was.  I know I was scared when I had each of mine, and I had hospitals!
  • The manger is dirty.  You can hear flies buzzing and sheep bleating.  The smell is only to be imagined.
  • And my favorite, at about minute 5:02, the star.  The wise men and shepherds look up and see the star.  And they KNOW.  You can see and feel that they know.  They know what it means, they know what hope and JOY it represents.

Christian or no, the life and teachings of Christ are about love.  Go out and be kind.  Listen.  See.  Understand.  Love.

Light and Love,

Big Laura

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