Whole30, MY body, and Stampeding Unicorns.

After the food, comes the bed and books.

Due to emotional distress and some intense unicorn experiences, this week has been HARD WITH THE FOOD.  And guess, what, I’m not alone.  I see and hear from so many women for whom food is their go to substance when life gets scary, life gets hard, life gets JOYOUS, life gets exciting, so basically, when LIFE GETS INTENSE.  Life gets life-like.  Life tends to be that way.

So, without going into the sordid unicorn details, here are my take aways.

  1.  Emotions and Life are intense.  Hard. Happy.  Deal with it.  You will NOT die from feeling all the things.  (There’s a post there, I just know it)
  2.  Too much fruit and starchy carbs are not good in MY body.  I’ve gotten rid of a lot of substances in the past year, some are OBVIOUSLY toxic, and have been permanently eliminated.
    1. Diet soda
    2. Sugar
    3. processed foods
    4. BOOZE.  (oh boy, is that post coming)

Some were a bit trickier.  Meat/Animal products?  (I was vegan for a bit)  FAT? ( I was oil free for a bit)  SALT?  (I was salt free for a bit.)  Fruit?  Beans?  Legumes?  My beloved home cultured kefir?  (yes, dairy had to go) Sweet taters?  Night Shade Veggies??  These items have been eliminated, reintroduced, and evaluated.  NONE are BAD.  I actually don’t support the notion of “bad” food.

There is WHOLE food and there is frankenfood.  There is food that heals and food that causes inflammation.  Good and Bad are up to God, and thankfully, I ain’t Him/Her/It.  It’s just a matter of finding what works for my GUT, MIND, and BODY.

So when I started Whole30, and fruit was back on the menu, I ate Mexico.  And Florida.  And California.  And all the other locales that provide us with these “fancy sugar-bags” as Dave Asprey likes to call them.

When I shared this POST on a Whole30 FB page, stating:

Today is a new day, and I have made my own damn plan.  Yes, it is Whole30 “compliant”.  BUT, it also incorporates aspects from Ultramind and Bulletproof that have made me feel kick ass.

I got a response from a woman who I consider to be thoughtful and very astute.  Her response?

Whole30 is not for everyone! If you need more flexibility to stick to something, that is a personal choice. Do what works for you! I just caution that you won’t get the Whole30 results, unless you stick to the plan as written. You’ll get Laura’s Plan results, which is fine, too, just not Whole30. 😉plus… you have a great name.

Her name is Laura, we tend to be a kick ass tribe.  I LOVE the idea of getting “Laura’s Plan Results”!!  That being said, Whole30 is awesome, I just cannot do fruit/starchy food before dinner.  It sets me up with cravings, fogginess, sleepiness, and just doesn’t let me shine.  THIS IS FOR ME.  We have established, I am NOT your Jedi Master.  Lord knows, I have a hard enough time keeping my own bad self humming along.

**This the EXACT reason to do an elimination program and THEN reintroduce various foods on a very systematic and mindful basis, TO FIND OUT WHAT WORKS IN YOUR AWESOME AND INSIGHTFUL BODY.  Your body is the best doctor in the room. End. Of. Story.


When I follow THIS protocol, I feel amazing, I have few to no cravings, and I just enjoy life so much more.  And, isn’t that what this journey is all about?

Now, if I could only avoid the stampeding Unicorns, I could actually make the above page happen on a regular basis.  But, that’s a story for another day.

The safest Unicorn I’ve found.  Jan 14, 2017

Light and Love,

Big Laura

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