Self-esteem, self-love, commitments to self, and my first FREE resource.


  1. 1.   We have been commanded to love ourselves.  Promise!  See here.
  2. If self-love is not present, no POSITIVE change and growth can occur.  (we are always changing, positively or negatively, we are all experiencing growth or slow death, which direction we are moving is completely our choice.)
  3. Self-love and self-esteem stem from honoring commitments to self.  (not from a massage, sorry!)  See here.
  4. Enter, the commitment-journal.  This is my first, original, self-created, free resource.  So, be kind, use as you desire, and SHARE!!

Here’s what mine would have looked like yesterday.  (because we all love to see big Laura crash and burn)

My commitment to me:  Practice intermittent fasting.  Eating window from 5-8 pm.

WHY am I choosing to commit to this, today?  Attending a yoga workshop all weekend and I want to be clean, light, and clear.

No really, WHY?  I’ve been over-consuming, even some sugar, and not adhering to any eating window.  This is affecting my cravings/mood/energy levels AND MY WEIGHT.  ugh, hate that is in the mix, but it is. Need to reset.

C’mon, what’s the REAL reason?  I met this really cool guy, we’ve been talking, and we have our first face-to-face meeting on Sunday.  I want my tummy and face to be all pretty and not bloaty.  (AH!!  The truth comes out.  See, why I ask WHY three times?  My first two responses rarely get to the heart of the matter)

How will this commitment affect my body/mind/spirit? ***FYI, According to many ancient healing traditions, (and me) Mind/Body/Spirit should NOT be considered separately, but rather as ONE. If I had to give this concept a name, it would be the SOUL. Wait, what was the question? Oh, yes, How will honoring this commitment affect my SOUL?  Being free from over-consuming allows me to focus on what is important.  My goals, plans, and bringing all the Joy.


What was my commitment success rate?  50 percent.  (I ate way outside of my windows)

How did honoring or lack of honoring my commitment make me feel?  Made me feel numb.  full.  a bit anxious, disappointed.  lazy. tired. sad. frustrated.

What benefit did I get from my choices regarding my commitment?  I was really tired.  I had been up late Thursday and Friday.  Then up early for the yoga retreat.  The retreat was draining physically, spiritually, and mentally.  A lot of people. all. the. feelings.  and just intense.  And I needed rest.  BUT, I had spent money (a lot for me) and so dammit, I was going to power through.  By over-consuming after the first session, there was no physical way I was going to attend the second session.  I was not going to honor what I really needed, so I used food to FORCE it.  Over-consuming FORCED me to stay in bed and nap, read, goof off,  rather than do all of the “things” I had planned for the day.  

Many scholars and people WAY smarter than me maintain that ALL human behavior is driven by self-interest.  We act (and all behavior is action, even inaction) because we get SOME benefit from it.  Sorry if this causes dissonance with your altruistic self.  My point?  Once we discover the benefit of a perceived negative behavior, perhaps we can seek that benefit without damaging our soul.

For instance, I could have just taken a damn nap and skipped the yoga.  Same benefit, still honored the commitment.

Honor yourself.  Live Joy.  Live.

Light and Love,

Big Laura

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