There is so much Pain.  So much Anger.  So much Frustration.  So much Yelling.  So much Screaming.  So many people who are demanding to be heard.

When Cai was a little girl, she was the youngest and smallest in a family of very big and vocal people.  One day, with pure frustration and angst, she cried out, “I HAVE TO SAY MY WORD.”  We stopped.  We listened, and this young child “said her word”.  We still use this expression in our family to this day, when we are feeling frustrated or feeling talked over or feeling unheard.

I often wonder if I can make a difference.  If one voice can evoke change.  If my offering will be of any substance.  I hope so.  I think so.  And I ain’t shutting up, so there’s that.

One voice may or may not make a difference.  But two ears and a heart definitely can.

What a rare gift is someone who hears, listens, absorbs our words, thoughts, and even our hearts, though our expression of such may be clumsy.  Someone who allows our words to marinate, who allows them space to just be.  No response, no reply, just a quiet understanding.  Or perhaps they don’t understand, for can we ever truly understand another?  Just a quiet allowance and respect.

I have received this gift.  And it is precious.  So, while the masses scream, I am thankful for those who hear.

Light and Love,

Big Laura

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