One of my students recently asked me, “Ms. Hall, why are your hugs so big?”  My immediate response?  “because they’re good for you!”  They’re also good for ME.

  • Hugging stimulates the vagus nerve
  • which reduces stress,
  • which heals the gut,
  • which heals the body,
  • which heals the head,
  • which heals the soul,
  • which heals the world.

Once, many moons ago, during a family reunion, 14-year-old  Dane (big, strong, brilliant, stoic, Dane) noticed that his cousin, Brody, was sad.

Now, I love my son, but he’s not known for being overly in touch with his sensitive side.  Especially at 14.  I KNOW he HAS a sensitive side, but he hides it pretty well from the rest of the world.

However, Brody and Dane have a somewhat unique relationship.  Brody has down’s syndrome.  And while he and Dane are quite dissimilar physically and intellectually, I do believe their hearts operate in much the same manner.

Point?  Dane noticed.  And he asked Brody what was wrong.  Did he need anything?  Brody’s simple and honest response, “I need a hug.”    And they hugged.  And the world got a little better.  For both.

Hug.  Hug BIG.  It’s good for you.  And it’s nice.

Light and Love, (and I would say a virtual hug, but virtual hugs suck, and DO NOT COUNT)

Big Laura

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