Healing my broken thyroid.

Things have been off.  After visiting with my doctor and having some bloodwork done, my Thyroid is off.  Low.  Not working so great.  We changed my thyroid supplement in December, and the dosage of the new med was just not right.

The good news, I’m not totally crazy.  I really was exhausted, foggy, and struggling to function at the level I’d grown accustomed to.

The bad news, I really judge myself and my poor little body harshly for needing any type of “supplement” at all.  I have worked hard to consume the best food, drink clean filtered water, move daily, and even pray/meditate/do yoga as a means of stress relief.  Sleep is the last pillar of health I’m trying to dial in, and it has been a struggle for years.  But I’m not taking sleeping pills for the first time in over 10 years, and these changes take time.  All this to say, I think my body should just be functioning.  Thriving even.  Without outside help or assistance.

That’s just not how it’s going to be.  And that’s ok.  In listening to a podcast with Dr. Amy Meyers (she’s kind of the thyroid guru) she said something to this effect:  Diet, environmental toxins, stress and sleep all positively or adversely affect thyroid function.  But if you’ve spent your entire life frying your thyroid, you will need supplementation.  Much like a type 1 diabetic needs insulin.  I just exhaled.  And maybe I cried a bit.  I’ve just been feeling like a pill popping loser, and her words gave me a bit of relief from my self-judgement.

So, for today, I shall grant my body and my little butterfly shaped thyroid some much needed grace.

Light and Love,

Big Laura

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