Anger, Love, Fear. Mostly Fear.

I have written about angerTWICE! I have written about loveMore than that!!

How about a little fear.  Oh snap, I did fear already, too!  Apparently, I’m a slow learner.

I got pissed last night, and that has stayed with me through today.  I do not like being pissed, no matter how “righteous” my indignation may feel.

Under my anger, however, is fear.

  • fear of being rejected
  • fear of being hurt
  • fear of being deceived
  • fear of being made a fool
  • fear of being misunderstood

There are those who claim that fear and faith cannot coexist.  I would also hypothesize that fear and love cannot coexist.  If I love myself, and acknowledge the love of God, or the collective consciousness, or the Universe’in my life, then this fear “should” fade.  (Should is an asshole word, but there it is)

For example, if I truly believe in a benevolent creator or higher power who only wants the best in life for me, then the hypocritical and judgmental actions of small minds are all part of my path, and anger or fear need not consume me.  I can choose to take a neutral position, observe, and allow goodness to flow into my life.

Light and Love,


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