I don’t allow myself anger.  Anger is for, well, angry people.  And I am far too enlightened, forgiving, and evolved for such base emotions. In the case of my abuse, I “forgive” and even “excuse” behaviors in the name of compassion and understanding for my abusers.  I look into their background and see the abuse […]

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Here we go again.

160.  In October, I was 128.  I tell myself that the numbers don’t matter, that the number on the scale is data.  And that is honestly true.  The number is just a symptom.  The food is a symptom.   The closet full of clothes that are binding and uncomfortable?  A symptom.  In functional medicine, the […]

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Healing while Hurting

I’ve been healing.  It’s not easy.  There are lots of situations that cause pain and stress (yes, getting dumped on your ass and your heart a bit bruised can cause some almond butter and date consumption)  But I have been slowly getting better.  Finding more energy.  And I went back to the very beginning of […]

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Healing my broken thyroid.

Things have been off.  After visiting with my doctor and having some bloodwork done, my Thyroid is off.  Low.  Not working so great.  We changed my thyroid supplement in December, and the dosage of the new med was just not right. The good news, I’m not totally crazy.  I really was exhausted, foggy, and struggling […]

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30 day reset

Things have just been off since the holidays.  Sugar, meat, gluten, over-consumption, night time binges, all making me feel just OFF. ALSO:   I fell in October, and jacked my wrist, shoulder and neck when I threw out my arm to catch myself.  I started seeing a chiropractor, 6 weeks ago, and while she is […]

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I was introduced to Blue Zones almost exactly one year ago.  (See HERE for more of that story.) Populations who live longer and, more importantly, live better,  move naturally. “The world’s longest-lived people don’t pump iron, run marathons or join gyms. Instead, they live in environments that constantly nudge them into moving without thinking about […]

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Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra’s “Mozart Gala.”  The venue is beautiful.  The musicians are passionate, dedicated, and  beyond talented.  And Mozart, while no Puccini, isn’t exactly a slouch. So, I’m sitting there, feeling pretty, letting the music wash over me, and out walks the guest pianist.  He […]

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