Ask me questions

From the time my children were little, we would play a family game, which we called, “Ask me questions.”  The kids’ father would always ask factual trivia questions with a definite and factual answer, while I would lean more towards the hypothetical and life choice questions.   This is an amazing way to get to know […]

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Quid Pro Quo

I left the Mormon church about 15 years ago.  As a result, I lost most of my friends and community.  There were/are two women who love me regardless of my religious views, and several men and women who keep me on the radar as a “fellowship” opportunity with hopes of bringing me back to the […]

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Thunder Thighs

I grew up being called, “Thunder Thighs”, among other pejorative weight and size related nick-names.  These came from family members, “friends”, and mean kids at school. I despised my thighs so much, when I was 30, I paid about 5K to have liposuction.  Not once, but TWICE.  (first time just wasn’t enough). Yesterday, I intentionally […]

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Gut 2019

Five behaviors that heal and create a healthy  gut:  Eating a large variety of fruits and vegetable, consume few to no animal products Exercise (this was very ambiguous, I will do further research about what constitutes the most effective exercise for gut health) Reduce stress Avoid antibiotics Consume pre and probiotics (this is highly optional, especially […]

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Back in the Saddle

The week my mom passed, I was introduced to the Blue Zones.  Life changed. Three years later, new job, new home, two new and then painfully failed relationships later; life continues to change. I find myself feeling more aches and pains, feeling the 20 pounds I’ve gained, and missing the vibrant feeling I had when […]

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In The Secret Life of Bees, the main character’s house is Carribean Pink, even though, we come to discover, her favorite color is blue.  August chose to paint her home this color because her younger sister, May, lit up with delight upon discovering the cheerful hue at the paint store.  May struggles with the weight […]

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Earth Day

In celebration of Earth Day, my yoga studio had a special yoga/reiki/sound bath experience.  Now, I love this sort of shit, but also realize it is not everyone’s cuppa.  You do you, boo. My takeaways: The bliss of a two-hour session offering extended restorative yoga asanas, savasana, and Reiki therapy;  along with indescribable gongs, drums, […]

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Sometimes, I hold so tightly to ideas, things, people, relationships, behaviors, and any number of worldly things, my clenched fists of control ache. For example, I have spent a good 11 years buried under the idea of finding lasting romantic love.  Maybe, that just isn’t in the cards.  Maybe, the universe has other plans. Other […]

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