The Lord is My Shepherd

Last week, the fella and I purchased a “Daily Prayer Journal,” with 365 bible verses to inspire you all year long.  We decided to alternate writing our thoughts about that day’s verse.  Well, the page is about the size of a 3×5 card, and there is no way I can be that contained every time […]

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…And I love myself!

When my daughter Cai, was about 2 or 3 years old, she had an affinity for listing things.  Apparently, such quirks are genetic, and start early in life.  One of her favorite list topics was, “people she loved.”  It was a long list including a large extended family and many friends from her church circle.  […]

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Sharing the Journey

It’s been a day or two.  I quit.  I quit a lot of things.  I quit nourishing, I quit writing, I quit sharing.  So, in typical Laura fashion, perhaps we should ask why?  I’ve been dating.  And eating.  And “celebrating”.  And celebrating, historically speaking, has involved food.  Lots of “good” food.  And booze. Of note. […]

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