Earth Day

In celebration of Earth Day, my yoga studio had a special yoga/reiki/sound bath experience.  Now, I love this sort of shit, but also realize it is not everyone’s cuppa.  You do you, boo. My takeaways: The bliss of a two-hour session offering extended restorative yoga asanas, savasana, and Reiki therapy;  along with indescribable gongs, drums, […]

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Sometimes, I hold so tightly to ideas, things, people, relationships, behaviors, and any number of worldly things, my clenched fists of control ache. For example, I have spent a good 11 years buried under the idea of finding lasting romantic love.  Maybe, that just isn’t in the cards.  Maybe, the universe has other plans. Other […]

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Anger. Fear. Tomato

I was angry.  I thought I was angry. Maybe, I’m scared.  I find that when I think I’m angry, I am actually scared. Scared that: I’ll never be enough. I deserve exactly what I’ve gotten for the past 48 years. I will always be a disappointment. I will always choose poorly. I will always love […]

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As for me and my house

May we be filled to the brim and overflowing with grace.  May we live with health, happiness, ease, and love.  May this be a sacred place full of healing, growth, and peace.  May all who enter be held close, and know they are safe.  And may it ever be so.  Amen and Amen.  Light and […]

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I’ve been asking the wrong question. As an educator, we often hear or say that there are “no dumb or wrong questions.”  Um.  This is incorrect.  If I have JUST given explicit and comprehensive directions, and you raise your hand and ask for said directions again, because you were goofing off with your friends and […]

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I release myself from all the shame and judgments that have caused pain. I allow myself to be free—to live presently, I joy peace, love, faith, and ease. I allow myself to thrive in connected relationships, to grow and flourish in all areas of my life, to experience and embrace fun, play, dance, song, and […]

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Too much

I often tell myself I want too much.  Yesterday, someone I love told me the same thing. I brought you into my home and did all of the things that you demanded. Not only do I want too much, I demand it. No one should ever be coerced in a relationship.  There should be no […]

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Do-over. (with benefits)

Who doesn’t love a new book?  Fresh pages, new plot, rich and developed characters that make you fall in love or want to scream in frustration and anger. Many very wise people find New Year’s Day to be a purely arbitrary day.  Nothing special and certainly no reason to rethink or revamp current situations.  I’m […]

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While teaching/reading, “Anne Frank, Diary of a Young Girl, THE Definitive Edition”  (which really is the most comprehensive edition), I had a student who was not familiar with much of the context surrounding Anne’s diary. We have spent a few days reviewing WWII, the isolation and ghettoization of the Jews, the choices made by various […]

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A month of Christmas

The next 30 days are going to be my Christmas gift to me. 30 days AF (alcohol-free) 30 days WFBP  (whole-food that is plant based) 30 days of yoga 30 days of 10K steps DAILY 30 days of gratitude 30 days of schvitzing in the sauna 30 days of 8 hours sleep 30 days of […]

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